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 In the name of GOD




: Rules and regulations




-Dear users and site members of Avand Architecture Group should adhere to all the  laws of cyberspace approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the international.
- Any use of this site is authorized by the Administrator of the Architecture Group.
-We will be happy to give your expert opinions.Undoubtedly, we use our full power to be useful to you and the architecture community.

Time taught us.
Every unpaid action became a task.
Every task without gratitude was turned into anxiety.
Every unflattering step led to failure.
Every unpardonable action has come to ordinery life.
Everythings gotten effotlessly spent unnecessarily.
Every blessing without thanks was turned into evil.
Every foolish word condemned to silence.
Every line without thinking , was collapsed.

So learn:
The most logical & economical way is to consult with professionals in that profession. lntegrity & financial health two prereauisites for success & eypertis are prerequisite & complementary to the two . The control of excitement,inner tranauility & self -confidence are the foundations of the path of life.




Managment of Avand Architecture Group

Ali Babazadeh


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