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Avand group's activities are based on 3 princiles:


-  Teamwork  

-  Honesty 

-  Proficiency 


We believe in our ability. we will do our best to ensure your confidence.






Iran Avand Office


Beginning activities in 2012

The office is located at 6 kaaj st. , Jahannama ,karaj. It was transferred to Jahannama through the design , supervision and impolementation of the Avand Architecture Group in 1993 in the vicinity of the Alborz Engineers Center for better access to the capital and also the deployment of building , selected in the Architectural competition of the Alborz Province (1393), was among the top ten with area of less than ten meters. It is made as a single stone material travertine and used to create a color variation of volumetric composites to create shadows and half-shadows instead of multiplicity of meterials..

Avand Design Office 

The main activities of the office in iran are:

- real-life design activities (design , supervision,execution and licensing of projects).

- Legal activities (arranging legal contracts and advising on treaties and carying out the offical judicial expert activities by the actual members of the Avand office)

- Business activities ( Export and import of construction produets, architecture and interier architecture)

- Skis and Rando activities ( training , organizing workshops of skis and rando performing professional projects by hand.)




            Vancouver Office


               Architectural activities ( landscape,Rebuild , ..)

               Construction Activities: solar system Installation (solar power) 

               Business activities : imports of diverse Iraninan products to canada


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